Hello and welcome to Collins Custom Designs! 

I am Nicole Collins, the designer and maker of every piece of jewelry you see on this website. I've always been pretty crafty, and even made the podiums and displays I use for the shows I do! I am also the one who works all of the social media and messaging. 

My goal here is to create unique jewelry that showcases an individual's style and will last for years to come. I want my designs to make you feel more confidant and beautiful every time you wear them. 

I soldered my very first piece of jewelry in high school 28 years ago and absolutely fell in love! After high school, I attended a local junior college and then went to the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, where I became a certified Bench Jeweler. My education continued through my time working for a local jewelry store for twenty years. 

When the store I worked at closed, my husband told me it was the perfect time for me to pursue a dream I'd had since high school... making and selling my own designs. That is when Collins Custom Designs, LLC was born!

All of those years learning from several skilled people and working beside another super experienced bench jeweler means that I not only create sterling silver jewelry, but have a lot of experience with fine jewelry as well! In fact, many of the custom orders I get are for fine jewelry.

I enjoy creating in almost any capacity, but fabricating jewelry that makes people "ooooh" and "aaaah" and feel something special is my sweet spot!