Do you make all of this jewelry?

Yes! I cut the material I need from spools of wire and sheets of metal, manipulate the metal using pliers and other tools, solder it with a torch if the design calls for it, clean up the pieces using abrasives, and then finish every piece by polishing or giving it whatever finish I want the item to have.

Will it tarnish?

It is the nature of sterling silver, copper, and brass to tarnish, but it happens more when it is not being worn regularly or being stored properly.

How can I remove tarnish?

When you purchase an item from me, I include a polishing cloth with your purchase that removes the tarnish pretty easily. If you don't want a shiny finish on the piece, 0000 steel wool from the hardware store will do a great job! Tear off a bit and gently rub the piece in a circular motion until discoloring disappears. Wash with a mild soap and water, rinse, and dry thoroughly.

How should I store my jewelry?

It is best to store your jewelry in a cool, dry, and dark place, such as inside a jewelry box. In between shows, I store my pieces in separate baggies in plastic boxes that I keep in a dark place to prevent tarnish.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, I do a lot of custom work actually! Don't forget that I have a lot of experience with fine jewelry as well, so I have done many redesigns of older jewelry. You can use stones from a piece that is not your style anymore and have something new made to fit your style!

I also can make a special mounting for a loose stone you might have, or one of the hundreds of loose stones that I have, or I can source one from one of my suppliers. All you have to do is contact me for details!

Can I sleep in my jewelry?

It is not recommended that you sleep in your jewelry. Chains can kink, stretch, or break. Rings can get tight and leave an indention in your finger. Bracelet clasps can come undone, or catch on sheets. Earrings can get damaged or come off. Overall, It is not good for you or your jewelry.

Can I wear my jewelry swimming?

Chlorine in a pool or hot tub is not good for your jewelry. It will turn sterling silver black and can make white gold brittle. I have also had to polish yellow gold after someone wore it in a hot tub. 

The ocean doesn't have chlorine, but I have also heard stories of rings slipping off in the ocean and being gone forever, so keep that in mind. Also, sunscreen gets jewelry very dirty.

How long have you been making jewelry?

I first learned how to make jewelry in high school, about 28 years ago! And I have over 21 years experience in fine jewelry as well.


I am happy to answer any other questions you might have!