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Fading Stars Brass Cuff

Fading Stars Brass Cuff

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Discover the beauty of the night sky with this stunning brass cuff bracelet. The unique pattern of fading stars will add a touch of elegance to any look, leaving you feeling like you can reach for the stars!

Made of heavy guage brass. Each step of creating this cuff bracelet involves skilled hands and an attention to detail. The star pattern on this particular bracelet comes from a steel patterned plate that embossed a sheet of copper when rolled through a rolling mill together. The slight curved surface of this cuff make it strong and comfortable to wear.

~Brass will naturally patina over time, which some people love about the metal. If you don't care for that look, it can quickly and easily removed with a polishing cloth or 0000 steel wool for a more matte finish, if so desired. 

* This is made CUSTOM when you order it, so please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

** Since it is made to order, the small details will vary slightly!

*** If you are interested in a different color or pattern, send me a message via social media or email me!

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