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Floral Patterned Copper Link Bracelet

Floral Patterned Copper Link Bracelet

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Discover unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship with our Floral Patterned Copper Link Bracelet. Delight in its intricate detail, like uniquely shaped links and an exquisite floral pattern, and feel the luxurious touch of its sterling silver rings and clasp against your skin. Are you ready to shine?

~ Links made of heavy guage copper, with a floral pattern that comes from a steel patterned plate that embossed a sheet of copper when rolled through a rolling mill together.

~ Each floral copper link is slightly curved for comfortable wear.

~ The pattern impressions are darkened, to enhance them.

~ Sterling silver rings connect the copper links and offer 1.25" of adjustable length at the end.

~ Sterling lobster claw for a secure closure.

~ Total length is 7.5" long, including adjustable lengths.

* Copper will naturally patina over time, which some people love about the metal. If you don't care for that look, it can quickly and easily removed with a polishing cloth or 0000 steel wool for a more matte finish, if so desired.
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